iPad 3 news: Will the device launch in 2017?


iPad 3 is not about to pivot on its launching pad. Recall that the latest iPad brand is now about two years old and it is about time that this model should have been replaced with a fresher model. Obviously, Apple is not ready to introduce its new iPad 3 yet. Still stuck in the iPad 2 tablet, launching iPad 3 is not a stroll in the park for Apple.

The iPad 3 will reportedly be introduced early next year, perhaps to coincide with the March 2017 Apple keynote event. Given that iPad 3 will be publicly shown with the new iPad Pro 2 model lineup, the new iPad 3 is considered to be the last of the Air products. The tech giant was believed to streamline its slate products to focus on iPad Pro models.

iPad 3 will be boosted by the latest A10 processor, while iPhone 7 will lend some of its specs such as the camera combo to iPad 3. Added to that, iPad 3 will be endowed with an internal storage of 64 GB that boasts of having a high resolution.

This iPad variant will run on an upgraded A9 chipset with at least a random access memory (RAM) of 3 GB and some sweet minor updates over its predecessor.

The new model is anticipated to have a smart keyboard. The cover of the keyboard can be plugged in to a smart connector. This special feature will let the keyboard cover flow in battery power through the smart connector.

The version 3 of the iPad is expected to be the thinnest of them all (although not the fairest). Apple is compromised to sacrifice some features, and that will include reducing the battery size. Hence, it would result to less processing power versus the iPad pro models.

It won’t be long the price of iPad 3 will become cheaper. Many observe that the specs are great, but not incredible enough for consumers to purchase it without second thoughts.