iOS 9 release date: Apple developing iOS 9 to support older generation devices


With the upcoming release of the latest iOS 9, users of older generation devices have something to be excited about: it is reported that the new operating system by Apple will be optimized for better performance for older generation devices, according to a report by 9to5Mac.

Whenever a new version of the Apple iOS is released, the software is almost always backwards compatible to devices of a few generations before the current latest. However, older devices tend to have performance issues upon upgrading to the latest operating system version, as it was originally built for devices of bigger display and better hardware specification. Since Apple switched to making bigger phones starting with iPhone 5, the older generation devices like the discontinued iPhone 4s have experienced performance issues when upgrading to a newer operating system, as was seen by the evident crash in performance issues and bugs when the phone upgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

According to reports, Apple is developing the new iOS 9 to run efficiently on older Apple devices such as the aforementioned iPhone 4s, older iPod Touch model, and the original iPad Mini. To do this, Apple is developing a core version of the iOS9 that can run efficiently on the said older devices. Instead of offering the same features-packed version like those of newer devices, the said optimized version of iOS will only include features that properly run on them.

Forbes previously reported that the iOS 9 is expected to be announced next month, followed by a public release come September this year. However, users who are non-developers but still want to get a hold of the latest operating system may have the chance to do so by participating in the Apple Beta Software Program. Starting with iOS 8.3, Apple have extended their beta software testing program to non-developer users. Interested users can sign-up on Apple Seed to participate.