iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak release news: jailbreak still coming?


Will the days of jailbreaking come to an end?

Ever since Apple released the 9.3 version of their mobile operating system (iOS), a public and widely released jailbreak version has yet to be announced. While there had been reports of some groups achieving the feat of hacking the Apple iOS, no such thing as a public release ever made it out online.

To jailbreak the iOS, hackers will have to bypass the scrutiny system of the Apple software. Being able to do so gives users a lot more freedom in using their Apple devices, such as being able to tweak settings and features that cannot be done in the normal standard release of the iOS software.

It is a known fact that Apple has been strengthening the security of their software as they go on and release newer versions of it. As reported, the Cupertino company has been releasing beta versions of the iOS in faster intervals than before to make sure to that they thwart the jailbreak community. This gives hackers almost no chance to keep up with the changes in software coding.

Now that Apple had announced the arrival of the new iOS 10 bringing with it a number of new features and capabilities questions of a possible jailbreak for the current iOS 9.3 build had once again started to make rounds in the rumor mill.

Rumor has it that that popular member of the jailbreak community Team Pangu is expected to release an announcement with regard to a new jailbreak of the iOS 9.2, or perhaps of the iOS 9.3. Should they fail to do so, it’s possible that the future of jailbreaking iOS devices has come to an end the worst case scenario for fans and users.

Numerous fake sites have also risen recently, posing to be either Team Pangu or TaiG and claiming to have a jailbreak for the iOS 9.3 version. There are also numerous suspicious sites and groups offering an alleged jailbreak iOS version in exchange for payment.