iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak news: Apple counters Team Pangu's jailbreak tool with new update


Apple recently released the newest version of the current iOS 9 mobile operating system (OS). The new version was numbered as the iOS 9.3.4, and in fact came only mere weeks after the release of the iOS 9.3.3. The release came after a successful exploitation and a jailbreak release from known jailbreak group, Team Pangu. The update is now available for all iOS 9 users via an over-the-air update and should be downloaded as soon as possible.

It has only been roughly about two weeks since Apple released the iOS 9.3.3, and now the Cupertino-based company has released yet another updated version of their mobile OS. The new iOS 9.3.4 does not offer any kind of new features or functionalities, but instead fixes a security issue in the previous version.

As per Apple’s release notes, the new update provides an important security update. The security issue was not mentioned in detail, only that it deals with an application that “may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.” The update also dealt with “a memory corruption issue [that] was addressed through improved memory handling.” The said issues patch the recent jailbreak version developed by Team Pangu.

Team Pangu just recently released a jailbreak method for the iOS 9.3.3. The jailbreak that was released was far from the traditional one, though. The previous jailbreak tools had been completely untethered, which means that once applied, it remains to be in a jailbroken status and would only be revoked once the user resets the iPhone. However this time, the tool released for the iOS 9.3.3 was a semi-tethered jailbreak.

This means that users must run an application loaded on the device over and over again every time the device gets rebooted in order to regain its jailbreak status. Also, the jailbreak was said to be working only for seven days, and the user would have to run the application again.