iOS 9.2 beta news: Fourth version supports Arabic language, smoother interface, faster Safari response


Only a week after the third beta version has been released and a month after the original one, Apple has already rolled out the fourth and latest reiteration of their operating system called “iOS 9.2.” This version comes with new features alongside additional faster abilities and tweaks.

According to Neurogadget, the notable elements in the software delve on making the interaction between users and the gadget faster and more hassle-free.

A better 3D Force Technology system that can be differentiated from the version included in the iPhone 6s Plus out of the box has been introduced. Moreover, swiping the edge of the Safari screen is also made quicker. Users can swipe left to go back to the previous page and right to go to the next page. Meanwhile, using the Safari View Controller as in-app browser has become easier, therefore allowing opening links in different applications.

The intelligent and helpful assistant Siri for the iOS has been equipped with support for Arabic language which, the report stated may have been a result of the Cupertino-based giant’s recent venture in the Middle East where they opened several stores. With its inclusion in the various components, people will be able to use their local language as the default input while navigating the system. The support for Arabic is also added for QuickType and Keyboard Dictation features.

For people who avail of the same carrier for their different gadgets, NumberSync service has also been implemented. Those who subscribe to AT&T may be able to use one number for both their tablets and phones by connecting and syncing their devices. This will automatically route text messages and phones to the linked connections as part of the Mobile Share plan.

More reports claim that the quality of the audio has been enhanced especially for stereo systems while streaming and synchronizing sounds. Partnering the device with the wearable Apple Watch is smoother as well, which includes a better performing iCloud Keychain.