iOS 9.1 jailbreak still a while off but iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak may soon be out for public download


Users of Apple’s operating system who want to have the freedom to do whatever they want with their devices may need to wait a little longer as the recently rolled-out iOS 9.1 reportedly has tight software to prevent jailbreakers from finding possible loopholes.

Renowned jailbreak developers TaiG and Pangu are currently working on the software and its updates. The official website confirms that as of the moment, there is no proper jailbreak in the system and the team only released a so-called “partial jailbreak” for the iOS 9.1 beta. However, it remains unstable.

One element that may have added to the difficulty is that iOS uses cannot simply download the iOS 9.1 beta as it requires them to create a special profile from the Apple’s public beta website before accessing the regular version of the software. Reports claim that it seems to limit the number of people gaining advantage from the semi jailbreak.

Presumably to motivate more people, security firm Zerodium allegedly offered $1 million in bounty. As it stands for the time being only developer iH8sn0w, who made popular tools such as Sn0wbreeze, P0sixspwn and iFaith, has accomplished the feat for iOS 9.0 with the proof shown in a Youtube video.

The developer however has not made any announcement on making the jailbreak available for public download and it remains to be seen if TaiG and Pangu will be able to crack iOS 9.1. Rumors have it that the method used for the older iOS versions is not applicable to iOS 9 as Apple have added a fix for some glitches.

Meanwhile, users who still have iOS 8.4.1 can now look forward to the jailbreak made by a hacker known as Luca Todesco. According to reports, Todesco may release the update in the coming weeks and if Apple owners opt to do more and maximize their gadgets usage, what they can do is downgrade their software.