iOS 10 features: Four new animated emoji packs available for the Messages app


Apple has recently released four new add-ons for its Messages app. These new add-ons feature four new sets of animated emojis for chat messaging which will be featured in Apple’s new mobile operating system (OS), the iOS 10.

As reported by Apple Insider, the four new animated emoji packs include the Classic Mac, Smileys, Hearts and Hands. While these new additions are nothing grand or remarkable, they at least successfully demonstrate what third party developers will be able to do with the new Messages app.

The Classic Mac sticker pack features 8-bit icons that were inspired by how they initially appeared in the classic version of Apple computers. The Smileys feature the iconic yellow-faced emojis in its various emotions and looks, but this time, they clearly demonstrate how they feel since there are animations accompanying each type of emoji. On the other hand, the Hearts and Hands sticker packs have been updated to feature more three-dimensional renderings.

These sticker packs, along with other creations from third party developers that might come in the near future, will be integrated into the iMessages app found in the new iOS 10 it will be available to users once it gets a full public release sometime around fall this year.

Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) back in June, the new iOS 10 boasts a new set of features including the new Messages Application Program Interface (API) wherein third party developers can integrate and develop in-app add-ons with a variety of functions like stickers, emojis, and other integrated features.

The new iOS 10 is expected to be released alongside the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 series. The launch event is expected to be sometime in September, if reports are to be believed. Another new software from Apple, the rebranded macOS Sierra, was also introduced during the WWDC 2016.