iOS 10 release date: Additional details for new OS revealed


New details about the newest version of the Apple mobile operating system (OS), the iOS 10, were revealed after Phone Arena hosted a question and answer session. The questions raised shed light on some of the concerns that users might have regarding the new version of the software.

Now that the developer preview is in beta testing, some users who are willing to take the risk might want to be among the first to get their hands on the new software but first, there might be some things that they would want to know about how the new version works, how the beta works, and what may be some of the advantages and disadvantages of having the beta version early as now.

First off, users who opt to get the developer beta will also gain access to the public beta version of the software when it becomes available. They will receive the software via an over-the-air update. However, it was noted that with the iOS 10 still in its earliest build, it is still plagued with a lot of bugs. As such, users who want to get the iOS 10 now should proceed with caution. One tip mentioned is that users should make sure that their data is backed up before updating.

Next off, it was revealed that while older versions of the iPhone would be compatible with the new software, there would be some features from the iOS 10 that would not work due to differences in hardware components. One example given was the iPhone 6. It will not have the Raise to Wake feature, as well as 3D Touch features, such us accessing app widgets by doing a long-press on its icon.

The iOS 10 developer beta is now available, with the public beta version to follow soon. The official version of the iOS 10 will be released this fall.