iOS 10 jailbreak Pangu release date: Tool rumored to roll out in December after Apple releases iOS 10.2


Users waiting for a jailbreak tool may look forward to December as rumors have it that Pangu will finally release the iOS 10 jailbreak.

According to Game N’ Guide, despite Apple’s efforts to continuously roll out updates to presumably stop hackers from accessing their firmware, the Chinese team apparently managed to crack the latest operating system. Leaked information allegedly reveals that Pangu will unveil the iOS 10 jailbreak tool as soon as Apple releases the upcoming iOS 10.2.

Moreover, it is believed that they are also currently working on the iOS 10.2 jailbreak with only a couple of features, bugs and issues left to deal with.

Even if it comes to fruition, some tech enthusiasts deem that it may not be useful to all users anymore. It can be recalled that earlier this year when Pangu released the iOS 9.1 jailbreak, the Cupertino-based giant soon updated the software to iOS 9.3. The tech giant also stopped signing older versions of the OS and smartphone owners who have already updated their devices are unable to downgrade to take advantage of the jailbreak.

Since Pangu has yet to release an official announcement regarding the iOS 10 jailbreak tool, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Apple has previously claimed that their current firmware is the company’s most secure system yet. However, another known hacker, Luca Todesco, shared that he was able to break into the iOS as he posted a photo on his Twitter. Despite hopes from other users, he did not say whether he will release it for public consumption.

Many of Todesco’s followers on social media are said to be encouraging the hacker to collaborate with Pangu in developing a tool that can become available for everyone but Todesco did not comment on the matter. After posting an image of his jailbroken iPhone, he simply stated, “Updated my stuff so it works on 10.1 too now.”