iOS 10.2 beta 3 news: Tips on installing beta 3 in Apple devices

An image featuring the iOS 10, which is projected to be surpassed mightily by the iOS 11.

The iOS 10.2 from Apple is on beta test and has not been sold to the public. However, the third installment of the beta version of iOS 10.2 or more known as “beta 3” is already available with new specs to turbo boost the iPads and iPhones of Apple. In line with the bugs and fixes, here are a few cheatsheets for a quick installation on the Apple device without the hassle of logging into a developer account.

All Apple devices require to be enrolled or registered in their system. However, times have changed and unlike in the older days, an Apple device user can now access the iOS beta without even using a private account. To do this, he/she will be guided step by step through this YouTube video guide posted on the channel called iCrackUriDevice.

The instructions on the installation of iOS 10.2 will not go directly to the deep dive training but will start with some basics and features of the iOS 10.2 beta 3. The detailed topics in the video guidelines will include seeding of iOS 10.2 beta 3, building up iOS settings, features in iOs 10.2 beta 3, installing iOS 10.2 beta 3 and iOS 10.2 release and jailbreaking.

iOS 10.2 beta 3 arrived with some excellent offerings, including Feedback app and the Send With Love Screen Effect. It also includes a wider range of emojis and wallpapers along with music apps. The iOS 10.2 beta 3 makes use of Unicode 9 characters like clown face, drooling face, butterfly, face palm, pancakes, croissant and more. The new emojis appear to be less cartoonish and more realistic.

Just a word of caution, the iOS 10.2 beta 3 is not a hundred percent stable and therefore has a lot of bugs. It is therefore recommended it should be installed on a secondary device.

Watch out tuned for more details surrounding the first iOS 10 through 10.2 beta 3.