Intel Project Alloy release date: Intel entering VR arena with all-in-one wireless headset


It was announced over a week ago by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich that the renowned chipmaker will be entering the virtual reality (VR) arena as they revealed the preliminary render of their wireless VR device with an initial moniker of Project Alloy.

Krzanich said that their VR headgear has calculating and image processing capabilities that are fast and powerful enough to generate realistic images and it will be powered with a built-in battery pack. The CEO further explained that the VR device will be carrying a so-called merged reality feature that enables the user to mix real life items together with what’s being seen on the headset while in use. Moreover, the said VR device is lodged with cameras and specialized sensors that are backed up by the company’s RealSense technology.

Furthermore, the aforementioned merged reality is said to ease worries from users about safety when using VR devices since it is a known fact that the current VR headsets in the market only display what is being seen virtually, so, it could potentially harm the user and other people around. Reports also say that Intel’s VR headset will not go on par with other high-end VR devices, but their claims of mixing the real world environment with the virtual one will definitely make it a cut above the rest.

It is also said that Intel will be partnering with Washington-based Microsoft as the two will be devising technical requirements for upcoming Windows 10 PCs and laptops that will be preinstalled with mixed and augmented reality capabilities.

Moreover, Intel has expressed its intentions of making the so-called Alloy headgear an open source technology that would allow other companies to make their own headgear donning Intel’s system.

As of late, the said headgear is still in the works and no specific date for its release was disclosed.