'Injustice 2' news: NetherRealm Studios address Gear System concerns, shares some modes will level the playing field


NetherRealm Studios addressed some of the players’ concerns regarding the new Gear System of its highly anticipated game, “Injustice 2.”

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the said feature will allow players to personalize every character with unique and powerful gear which will be earned after every match from loot being dropped. This is deemed to cause some worries that it might affect the game’s balance and competitive gameplay.

During their appearance at the recently concluded EGX 2016, NetherRealm’s marketing manager Brian Goodman shared to Eurogamer that they have anticipated some of the hesitation from the players. He said that they are “developing intelligently” to deliver something that hopefully will appeal to all of their fans.

“There’s been a lot of discussion on how best to communicate this because we are, obviously, throwing a bit of a monkey wrench in the works as far as some fighting game purists might find. We’re doing things to make sure people who want a pure fighting game can get that,” he elaborated.

When the stat-affecting gear is enabled, Goodman admitted that it is “essentially unbalanced” but they will have modes that offer an even playing field. He teased that gamers can gear up for aesthetic reasons but their characters will be equal when it comes to capabilities.

The modes where gears actually impact the strength are aimed to create a whole new level of strategy. In order to have players matched like-for-like, they will enable matchmaking online.

Another reason for the Gear System is to help casual players during competitive play.

“It’s a way to elevate yourself without having to be the greatest fighting game player out there and make the game much more palatable for a casual audience as well,” Goodman concluded.

Earlier this year, the studio teased that they are considering adding a paid unlock system for people who want to invest a lot of their time to get the best gear. However, it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

“Injustice 2” is slated to be released sometime in 2017 across platforms including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.