'Indiana Jones 5' movie news: Indy won't follow Han Solo's footsteps


Director Steven Spielberg is back for more adventures with Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) as he once again helms the latest installment in the franchise; he has also promised that no, he will not kill off the iconic archaeologist.

During his conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, as part of the media outlet’s profile on the director, Spielberg kept his “Indy” cards very close to his chest. However, he appeases worried fans by saying that in the end of the fifth movie, the tweed-wearing professor will still be very much alive.

“The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it,” he stated.

Fresh from stepping back into the shoes of another iconic and beloved character, “Star Wars'” Han Solo, there were rumblings that maybe Ford would also go out the same way as he did in “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.” Anyway, Indy and Solo are similar in nature only akin to Ford’s acting and the off-screen link between the two with both franchises being created by George Lucas. Rumor has it that much like the space opera smuggler, the academic teacher’s franchise might also be rebooted with a younger actor and will serve as a prequel.

The difference, however, between Ford’s comeback in the two storied franchises is that Lucas was not a bit involved with “The Force Awakens,” if not, he even distanced himself from it. The forthcoming “Indiana Jones” on the other hand will see the filmmaker as an executive producer of the film, which was also revealed by Spielberg.

“George is gonna to be an executive producer on it with me. … I would never make an ‘Indiana Jones’ film without George Lucas. That’d be insane,” the critically acclaimed director told the press during a recent roundtable event for his upcoming film “The BFG.”

Rounding up the original makers of the “Indiana Jones” magic is composer John Williams, who will once again score the upcoming installment of the franchise. Like “Star Wars,” the musician holds the credit for the iconic theme of Indy’s escapades since 1981.

Before its confirmation, there was already a buzz suggesting that a fifth movie in the storied franchise was imminent. Both Spielberg and Ford have expressed their desire to do another movie before the latter’s 80th birthday.

The yet to be titled “Indiana Jones 5” is scheduled to hit theaters on July 19, 2019.