iMac 2016 release date, specs rumors: desktop to be unveiled later this month?


Rumors were indeed true about Apple putting up another keynote later this month as it was officially announced on the company’s website. Hence, Apple fanatics are now excited to find out what could be in store for them this time around. Apart from the MacBook Air and Pro that are most likely to be presented at the forthcoming event, a number of followers are also positive that the company might include their all-in-one desktop, the iMac.

If one were to follow Apple’s penchant for releasing the iMac, it is theorized that the refreshed device might see the light of day at the aforementioned event.

The rumor mill is at full throttle now that the new desktop, provided that it would actualize at the upcoming keynote, might boast Intel’s newest processor dubbed the Kaby Lake and its latest hardware interface known as the Thunderbolt 3. Reports also suggest that the new iMac might don virtual reality capabilities as it is the emerging trend among devices.

However, there are some who believe that the next-generation desktop might carry a chipset other than the Kaby Lake as the processor isn’t likely to be out until sometime next year. Having said that, consumers are now betting on the iMac being equipped with Advanced Micro Devices’ Zen chipset and Polaris-based graphics coprocessor.

Moreover, it can be recalled that Best Buy may have hinted at the looming iMac as its online store posted an iteration of the AIO with the Intel Kaby Lake and a 27-inch display with a Retina 5K resolution. While the posting was later on removed, specs of the desktop were seemingly revealed. It is said to be preloaded with the Mac OS X, 32 GB of random access memory, and has a price tag of $3,200.

Would-be buyers are now keeping their fingers crossed that the iMac 2016 will be one of the devices that would be included in Apple’s next keynote.