iMac 2016 release date, rumors: Computer to launch at another Apple tech event?


After two years of waiting, the Cupertino-based tech provider, Apple, revealed the latest version of their iPhone dubbed the iPhone 7. However, some Apple users have noticed that the said event failed to mention one of the company’s high-end all-in-one devices, which is the iMac.

Amidst the recent unveiling of the tech vendor’s new operating system, monikered the macOS Sierra, the ultra thin desktop was nowhere in sight during the said event. Nonetheless, tech connoisseurs have theorized that the AIO PC will be introduced sometime next month as reports suggest that the company will be organizing another event.

Fans might recall that it was during the same time last year that Apple made some tweaks with the current iMac. The same thing will most likely happen with the yet-to-be-announced AIO desktop.

It was previously noted that the next iMac could finally be powered by the latest version of processors from chipmaker Intel, dubbed the Kaby Lake, together with, of course, the aforementioned macOS Sierra.

Also, the rumored device could be bearing features like an Advanced Micro Device (AMD) graphics processing unit and a 4K and 5K support which was previously boasted by its predecessor’s 21 and 27-inch iterations. Moreover, it’s also speculated that the AIO from Apple could be supporting virtual reality features.

Meanwhile, it was also noted that the company is said to be paying more attention to its Pro product line from which the next iMac could be donning the said moniker.

As always, the company has remained tight-lipped about it along with some of its other premium-priced devices. Fans might want to stay updated and be in the know about the latest news about Apple’s upcoming hardware.

It was mentioned early on that the iMac 2016 could be finally presented this coming month.