'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 361 news, spoilers: More waiting as manga goes on another hiatus


There was a lot of anticipation a couple of months back for a new chapter of the popular manga series, “Hunter x Hunter,” but it looks like the promise of new content is turning bleak.

A new report released just this week claims that the series will again be undergoing another hiatus, and while it could be for good reason, the sad fact is no one is telling what that reason is. But just like the previous delays, the most possible cause is the lack of time, and probably interest, from creator Yoshihiro Togashi. He has reportedly asked for long breaks numerous times while writing new content for “Hunter x Hunter.” In his defense though, the man is known in the industry as someone who needs a lot of time to write his material.

Another rumor claims that Togashi is constantly asking for breaks because he’s not in good health condition. When the previous hiatus ended in April, there were reports that he was bedridden all throughout the long delay of the series.

So if it really is true that Togashi is no longer physically capable of writing additional content for “Hunter x Hunter,” then it means that the possibility of it ending at Chapter 360 is quite strong. Well, that wouldn’t sit well with its die-hard fans; it should be something that is beyond the control of everyone.

The last chapter titled “Parasite” will feature the harsh reality that Prince Woble’s guards aren’t loyal to him, based on Kurapika’s challenge.

But at this point, everything seems to be going to naught if no positive news comes out of Togashi’s camp in the next couple of weeks. The hope is that the creator will soon regain his health so that any chance of a new chapter will be possible. Until then, fans can only hope.