'Hunter X Hunter' chapter 361 spoilers, plot updates: Upcoming chapter to be released in February?


It’s been a while since the last chapter of “Hunter X Hunter” was concluded. Will chapter 361 ever be released?

A recent report stated that Togashi was given a deadline to finish the series by Weekly Shonen Jump, the publisher that serialized “Hunter X Hunter” manga series. The Japanese author was asked to complete his work this month or replacement writers will be employed to work on the following chapters.

According to the report, the famous manga publisher would like the next chapters to be issued before the fans would lose its interest in the series.

In terms of replacement writers, some speculations lead to Naoko Takeuchi, Togashi’s spouse. Takeuchi is known for her highly-acclaimed projects, including “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” and “Codename: Sailor V.” Some say that Takeuchi and Togashi will work together to finish the chapters this month.

It was previously reported that the hiatus of the successful manga series was due to Togashi’s failing health.

In August 2016, Movie News Guide indicated that the writer/illustrator was suffering from chronic back pain, and he is advised to be off work indefinitely, or until he’s well.

Recently, a source has confirmed that Togashi was seen at an Anime and Manga event. He reportedly spent some time to have fun with other manga artists.

The report led to a speculation that Takeuchi’s husband is back on his feet and ready to return to work.

As of this time, no official statement has been released from Togashi’s camp. Readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt.

In the latest chapter, chapter 360, Kurapika revealed to the bodyguards that there’s an impending succession war among the princes of Kakin.

One of Prince Woble’s bodyguards discovered an egg that hatches into a Nen beast. And all of a sudden, the room was flooded with different kinds of Nen beasts, and the princes had no idea where they came from.

Meanwhile, a guard named Sairid was influenced by a parasite-type Nen and murdered two other guards.

The chapter ended with Kurapika heading to fight Sairid.