'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 361 scheduled for 2017 release date?


Despite the ongoing hiatus for manga series “Hunter x Hunter,” fans continue to be on the lookout for any sort of indication as to when it will eventually resume production.

Creator Yoshihiro Togashi’s deteriorating health condition, specifically as he suffers from back problems, is the main reason for the suspension of the story and it could not have come at a worse time. Chapter 360, which is the latest installment of the manga, abruptly ended with a cliffhanger hanging over the heads of the fans. Narrative-wise, the reveal of the Dark Continent and what lies within as well as what Kurapika will eventually discover are two of the most notable questions going into chapter 361.

Given the silence in terms of when “Hunter x Hunter” will be releasing new content, there have been rumors suggesting that Togashi may just leave it at that. After all, cliffhanger endings in mangas are not entirely unusual. If not, others are speculating that while the Japanese comics may move forward, it may take a while before normal production is resumed in order to give the 50-year-old artist enough time to recuperate.

Contrary to these, the latest reports are suggesting an entirely different scenario with Togashi relegating duties for the aforementioned manga to his wife, Naoko Takeuchi. To Takeuchi’s credit, she is also one of the leading comic book artists in Japan, having worked on “Codename: Sailor V” as well as “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.” This particular claim is still somewhat of a speculation but should this come to fruition, sharing writing duties for “Hunter x Hunter” makes sense if they want to publish chapter 361 as early as next year.

No word as of yet regarding Togashi’s current health condition but he was spotted last month at the 40th anniversary and conclusion of Osamu Akimoto’s manga, “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo.” Word has it that the Yamagata-born writer appeared to be in good spirits as he mingled at the event.

“Hunter x Hunter” chapter 361 was tipped to be released back in July but did not go into publication. Since then, no official release date has been announced.