'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 361 release date, news: Producer plans new manga series while waiting for new material


“Hunter x Hunter” is one of the most successful and best-selling manga series ever, but its popularity could soon take a huge tumble if its most recent hiatus does not come to an end. For those who are still waiting for chapter 361, the sad news is that there still is no development as to its official release date.

According to iTechPost, the reason for the delay remains the same the health issues of “Hunter x Hunter’s” creator and illustrator, Yoshihiro Togashi. The report noted that the 50-year-old Japanese manga artist has yet to recover from his recurring back pains and that he’s been advised to do a complete and uninterrupted rest right before resuming his work on the upcoming chapter.

On the other hand, the manga show’s producer, Viz Media, is reportedly contemplating on producing a new manga series that will serve as an alternative to “Hunter x Hunter,” but quickly said that there’s no plan to ditch Togashi’s work for good. The producer just wants to be able to do something to at least have its money run for a cause while waiting for Togashi’s full recovery.

Any perception or rumor pointing towards ditching “Hunter x Hunter” is unfounded, considering how popular the series has been all these years. In fact, even in periods of long delays, fans still remain optimistic that chapter 361 will be released sooner than later. There were speculations a couple of months back that a new batch of writers was going to be commissioned in order to continue writing the manga with the guidance of Togashi himself, but it too didn’t last long and it seems like the prospect of hiring other people to write the next installments have completely fallen out of favor.

“Hunter x Hunter” will definitely come back, the only question is when.