'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 361 release date update: Manga still on hiatus as creator Yoshihiro Togashi suffers from spina bifida


Nobody has heard from “Hunter x Hunter” creator Yoshihiro Togashi since chapter 360 came out last June, and many believe that the chapter might signify the end of the manga. It was previously reported that Togashi was suffering from lower back problems which forced him to put the series on indefinite hiatus.

Now, sources are shedding light on the ailment by revealing that Togashi actually has a birth defect called spina bifida which is causing his back pains. It is said that spina bifida occurs when the bones of the spine do not develop completely. If Togashi is suffering from this ailment, then it definitely makes sense for him to take a break. Reports are also saying that doctors have prescribed bed rest for him.

How long will the hiatus last this time? Is it going to be another two-year absence? Can fans of the series stomach another long wait like they did before?

Numerous reports are now saying that Viz Media is ready to cut their ties with Togashi so they can move on and hire writers and illustrators to work on the manga. Rumors circulating also say that chapter 361 may come out in February 2017.

However, it should be noted that Shueisha publishes the manga, not Viz Media as several reports have mentioned. Viz Media simply translates the “Hunter x Hunter” manga into English and releases it in North America. Perhaps the reports meant Shueisha. Furthermore, a more plausible rumor is Togashi acting as a consultant while his publisher brings in writers and artists to help out with the manga.

As of this moment, there is no official word from Togashi or his publishers regarding the future of the manga.

The last time Shueisha offered any news on the manga was last July when they told RocketNews24 that they were not sure when the series would resume.