'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 359 spoilers: Spotlight on Leorio?


Leorio is expected to take the spotlight in the upcoming chapter of “Hunter x Hunter.”

In the most recent chapter of the manga, the king and the princes were introduced, followed by their boarding of the Black Whale Ship. The ship carries not only the king and the princes, but also other royalties, celebrities and VIPs alike, and even commoners, with each sector divided through various floors of the ship.

As a commotion broke out on the ship, threat protocols were administered as someone might have had a sinister plan. With this, the chapter ends, and fans are hoping that the next few chapters will focus on the character of Leorio.

In a fan discussion, “Hunter x Hunter” was predicted to put more focus on Leorio in the coming chapters, as people on the ship might be in need of his medical expertise. Also, the ship’s structure itself, composed of narrow corridors, was pointed out to be an ideal place for Leorio’s offensive Hatsu.

In other news, there had been rumors that the manga series would once again go on a hiatus sooner or later. While the series has been popular and a massive hit for fans, it was also notoriously known to have multiple year-long breaks. These series of hiatuses were reputedly due to the mangaka (the writer and artist) Yoshihiro Togashi falling ill due to stress, and sometimes desiring to just write at his own pace. To recall, Togashi also wrote one of the biggest classics when it comes to the sh?nen genre of manga, “Yu Yu Hakusho.”

The new and ongoing arc, the “Dark Continent,” has been perceived by some as something that might be the result of popular fan demand from the series, rather than something that has a deeper meaning for the entire story of the series. In the original series, main protagonist Gon went on a journey of becoming a Hunter in order to find his long-lost father. The journey had him go through a lot, get to know a lot of people, and eventually end up reuniting with his father, Ging.