'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 358 spoilers: Hisoka faces powers of Feitan and Phinks as he hunts down Phantom Troupe


Highly anticipated chapter 358 of popular manga series “Hunter x Hunter” will reportedly see Hisoka plan to kill all members of the Phantom Troupe including its leader Chrollo Lucilfer.

Back in chapter 357, fans were shocked when Hisoka was revealed to be still alive. It turns out that he only faked his death. After successfully ending the lives of Shalnark and Kortopi, he is predicted to become more aggressive towards Chrollo’s cronies as news of his return spreads across the world.

Although faced with a great adversary, it seems like Chrollo will not get the support of the Spiders as they will be on their way to the Dark Continent to steal the treasures of Kakin’s royal family. Fans may remember that the family was involved in an expedition headed by Beyond Netero in the said location, which is also referred to as the New Continent. This is where the storyline of the manga is expected to unfold next. However, it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

To execute his plans of murdering Chrollo, Hisoka will apparently follow the tracks of Feitan and Phinks, who are both aware of his presence. Described to be the two strongest members of the Phantom Troupe, they will decide who between them should fight Hisoka first when they discover that they are being tailed.

On the other hand, Phinks will come up with the suggestion to combine their powers in order to take the hunter down. Feitan will, at first, be taken aback by this novel idea of teaming up since he knows just how proud Phinks is and thinks it is out of his character to suggest so. However, he will change his mind when he supposedly begins to feel Hisoka’s immense aura.

Moreover, it seems like Machi will reveal everything she knows about the Phantom Troupe including the deaths of its members. She is predicted to know more about Hisoka as she was previously trapped in his Bungee Gum.

Since there is still no official preview for the chapter, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.