Humble 2K Bundle 2 deals: Get 'Civilization V,' 'Battleborn,' more for low prices, part of proceeds go to charity


PC gamers are in for a treat as the latest Humble Bundle offers players the chance to score sweet deals for games. Players now have the chance to own games by 2K Interactive for an incredibly low price. And since the games would be sold under the Humble Bundle movement, this would mean that players would be buying games for a good cause, with a part of their purchases going to charitable entities that would help certain sectors of society.

For this offer, players can buy games like “The Darkness II,” “Black Ops: The Line,” and “Duke Nukem Forever” for a minimum of $1.

Meanwhile, players need only pay an average amount of $8.82 in order to unlock “Civilization V,” “NBA 2K16,” “Mafia II: Director’s Cut,” and the Starter Skin Pack from 2K Games’ most recent hit title, “Battleborn.”

For purchases worth $15 or more, players get to unlock the full game of “Battleborn,” 230 Platinum Currency for “Battleborn,” as well as “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.”

As with all Humble Bundle purchases, users and players can determine what price they want to pay for the games that they will be getting, with only a minimum amount set for it.

The Humble Bundle started with offers consisting only of games developed by indie developers that were also DRM-free content. With the success of the movement and the amount of charitable contribution that it had given to various foundations and organizations, it soon attracted publishers and other major developers as well, and soon after, Humble Bundles started to have major game titles and franchises on their list, with even the occasional appearance of AAA titles.

For this particular Humble Bundle, the major charity that would profit from the purchases is the GameChanger foundation. This foundation is dedicated to bringing the joy and fun of playing video games to children who are recuperating from life-threatening illnesses in hospitals.