'Hulk' movie update: Standalone film might not happen soon Mark Ruffalo


After confirming that his character, Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, will be in the upcoming film, “Thor: Ragnarok,” actor Mark Ruffalo said that a standalone film featuring the green superhero might not happen anytime soon. 

In an interview with USA Today, the 47-year-old actor said, “Actually, it feels even further away. It’s not Marvel’s property, it’s Universal’s property. I don’t know. It seems really problematic.” 

When he was asked about his feelings toward the delay, Ruffalo answered that he is okay with it.

“There’s only so much that’s in my power and I’m not going to agonize over what is not in my power,” he said, “I definitely try to limit that to my kids and the things that really matter to me. I’d love to do it, it’d be really fun. There’s a lot still to do with the character. I always try to think about different places we could go with him.” 

Regarding where he wants the story of Bruce Banner and the Hulk to go, the actor said that a good idea would be separating the scientist from his alter ego. Ruffalo explained that if the character is really not on Earth anymore, a lot of things can happen. However, he did not confirm that the said storyline will be adapted for the upcoming “Thor” movie. 

The actor recalled his realization about his character while filming the scene with the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Ruffalo said that he figured out that the Hulk would be afraid of Banner. Fans have always been curious about how the two co-exist in one body, but not many have thought about what would happen if the two would meet each other face to face.  

Ruffalo added that as a kid, he read some comic books that made the separation possible. If Marvel would be able to find the right way to do it, the actor said it would be thrilling.