Huawei Watch release date: now available for pre-order; device can be personalized with 40 downloadable Watch Faces


While no specific release date is available yet, MobileFun has already put the new Android Wear device up for pre-order. According to the website, the Huawei Watch for Android Smartphones is available in black, silver and gold variants. The black and silver editions are available for $386.99, while the gold edition is available for $451.49. Digital Trends reported that the Huawei Watch will be priced in Europe at 427 ($464) for the black and silver, and 498 ($541) for the gold edition, while U.K. prices will be at 300 ($460) and 350 ($537), respectively.

The Huawei Watch is specifically designed for users who are “looking to add both style and technological flare to their everyday life.” According to Huawei’s official consumer site, the Watch will run under a Qualcomm APQ8026 1.2GHZ processor, with the Android Wear as its operating system. The device will be sporting a 4GB built-in internal memory along with a 521MB worth of RAM. It will have a 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display, equipped with Sapphire crystal, the hardest display technology in the market as of the moment. The device will be made out of 316L stainless steel, and will be 42mm in diameter by 11.3mm in thickness. It will also be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0/4.01, making it possible to pair the Watch to an Android phone wirelessly and with no hassle at all. An option for an aluminum or leather strap is available for users, too.

Unlike other Android Wear devices, Huawei Watch’s screen never sleeps, making the device not only look like a fashionable watch, but also feel like a normal one by not having to wake its screen constantly. The Watch can be personalized according to users’ preferences, as there are over 40 Watch Faces available for download.