Huawei Black Friday Deals: up to $100 off some wearables from Cyber Monday to Dec. 5


Black Friday is one of the best times to look for discounts as different items are offered on sale. Consumers who are looking forward to buying or replacing their Android wear may get good deals as Huawei is keeping up the trend on Black Friday for its wearables.

Available only for 24 hours starting Nov. 27, buyers can get discounts from the official U.S. online store of Huawei or one of its retail partners such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Target. The price slash ranges from $50 to $100 off on some wearables.

The company offers the Huawei Watch in the stainless make with black leather straps at a little more than 14 percent off, therefore pegging it at $299 from $349. For those who prefer the stainless mesh band version and the stainless metal link band variant, the price cut is at 20 percent making the watchess from $399 to $319. On the other hand, for users who prefer the higher tier of Black Stainless with black stainless metal link band, Huawei offers a 22 percent discount, cutting the price at $349 from $449. Aside from these, the company also gives the Huawei P8 Lite a 20 percent discount, therefore bringing it down to $199 from $249.

For those who will not be able to catch the Black Friday sale, Huawei will extend the offers starting Cyber Monday until Dec. 5. It will offer the same Android Watch choices at $50 off, while the Huawei P8 Lite will get a $25 discount.

Meanwhile, for those who want to look beyond Huawei’s offers, other industry players are also offering some discounts for their wearable lines. The Apple Watch can be bought for as low as $249 for the base version through the $100 discount at Best Buy or the $100 gift card offered at Target. On the other hand, Samsung’s new Gear S2 is offered at $50 bringing it down to $249.99 at Best Buy, while Pebble Time is offered $70 off at Target and Best Buy.