HTC's One M9: flagship may come with Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade


Rumor has been spreading since last year regarding Taiwan-based HTC and software giant Microsoft pairing up for a new Windows Phone. This buzz has spread even more now because of the recently concluded Computex Event, where spectators assumed a strong possibility that HTC may release One M9 flagship along with Windows 10 update.

In the event, it was reported that Microsoft talked about its Windows 10 partners which include IBM, Samsung, Dell, Intel, LG, and HTC. Both Samsung and LG were on the list because of their known involvement either on their PC or their phone line ups. However, many audience were surprised that HTC was on the list even if HTC launched One M8, a Windows-run phone, previously, because HTC said it is the last of its Windows-run series. Furthermore, HTC’s One M8 is one of the handsets that will receive Windows 10 upgrade come its released date on July 29 and along with the software giant’s upgraded version of Windows Phone Recovery Tool 2.0.3 supporting HTC devices, there is a huge possibility that the flagship One M9 will indeed be released with Windows 10.

HTC One M9, released last April, was just a slight upgrade from One M8. At a separate shareholder’s meeting, Taipei Times reported that HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang apologized to their stakeholders for the company’s lackluster performance which caused a 12-year low in stock prices.

As part of their strategy to improve HTC’s core business, Wang added that they will release a “hero product” in October in their smartphone line ups. These innovations will make significant improvement on performance and design even for smartphone releases next year. There is high possibly that this “hero product” refers to an upgraded One M9 running on Windows 10. If this is so, what other specs improvement will HTC include given the cutthroat competition in the smartphone business? Will this be enough to make HTC’s smartphone line ups stand out among major phone makers?