HTC Vive news: CEO explains delay, promises better device


Tech aficionados may be sad because of the unfortunate delay of the HTC Vive, but CEO Cher Wang has something to say to appease the thousands of people patiently waiting for the gadget.

During Vive’s Unbound developers forum in Beijing, the 57-year-old co-founder of the tech company revealed that she and her team made a huge technological breakthrough with their ongoing development of the virtual reality system. The team believed so much in the new iteration of the Vive that they decided to skip the old one, push back the release of the device, and roll out the new and improved version instead. “We shouldn’t make our users swap their systems later just so we could meet the December shipping date,” Wang stated.

Despite this, some faithful fans just could not take their minds off the release of the device that they mined and compiled early images of the consumer version of the HTC Vive headset. PC gamer reported that a couple of users from Reddit continued to speculate that the images they have collated were the supposed look that the HTC Vive would be sporting.

To make their claims more believable, some diehard followers argue that although the images were not confirmed by HTC, the look of the confirmed aesthetic of the HTC Vive headset did look like the new photos. The images were since then taken down, and HTC continues to keep its mouth shut regarding the issue.

However, some fans are already convinced that more or less, the leaked figures will reflect the look of the VR device once it gets released next year.

On the other hand, even though almost all gaming titles want to join in the virtual reality craze, VR Focus continued to point out that popular video game “Half Life 3” is not going to be available in any VR variation as it will be tiring gamers within five minutes of playing. This is to the dismay of some fans who are actually expecting that Valve will finally be joining the bandwagon given that they recently showed support to the upcoming HTC Vive.