HTC One M9+ goes to Europe, but not UK


Originally an Asian debut, HTC announced last week that the One M9+ is on its way to the West, particularly Europe. 

When the handset was unveiled last April, One M9+ became the flagship Android phone of the Taiwan-based company. However, One M9+ was released only in China, Taiwan, and India, leaving the rest of the world hanging. The good news is, after several months, the phone will now be available in the European market. The catch? It will not be available in the UK market.

In terms of specs, One M9+ is just like its predecessor, One M9, but with larger display, higher resolution, improved processor, and a built-in fingerprint scanner. For its display, One M9+ sports a 5.2 inch superLCD 3 screen at 2560×1440 resolution. The back camera is at 20 megapixels with depth-sensing Duo camera, which can shoot 4K shots or give photos artistic and 3D effects similar to the One M8 models. The front shooter is at 4 megapixel ultrapixel. In terms of processor, the phone has an Octacore chip at 2.2 GHz with MediaTek’s high end processor Helio X10 CPU and PowerVR G6200 GPU.

For its RAM, the phone is at 3GB while internal storage is at 32GB with an option to expand through its micro SD slot. The device also has a fingerprint sensor which can be used as a home key. For its external look and feel, the phone is encased in metal with options of gold, gun-metal grey, and a silver and gold combination. One M9+ runs in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There are no announcements from the company regarding release in the United States and Australia. Earlier last month, Taipei Times reported that in a shareholder’s meeting, HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang apologized to their stakeholders for the company’s lackluster performance which caused a 12-year low in stock prices.

As part of their strategy to improve HTC’s core business, Wang added that they will release a “hero product” in October for their smartphone line up. These innovations are expected to  make significant improvemens on performance and design even for smartphone releases next year. Is a worldwide release of One M9+ the hero product referred to? Or is this just a stepping stone to an even better device?