HTC Vive VR release date: worldwide tour starts, exec says consumer VR headsets should be ready for release by end of 2015


Taiwanese phone maker HTC has kicked off its worldwide tour to promote its Valve-powered Vive virtual reality headset.

In the tour, the company reiterated its commitment to making the first consumer Vive units available by the holiday season.

The tour is intended to bring the Vive VR headset to consumers for testing. During the scheduled stops, people are free to take the VR headsets in the booths for a spin. As HTC is still developing a consumer version of the headsets, the Vive VR headsets on display were still developer kits.

According to GameSpot, HTC has launched its worldwide Vive tour July 9 during the San Diego leg of Comic-Con. During this stop, the Vive VR headset made a visit to a couple of DoTA 2 tournaments that were ongoing during Comic-Con.

Right now, GameSpot said, the Vive VR tour is at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois and will be there until the 23rd.

GameSpot also published a list of stops in the worldwide tour:

  • July 25-28, Kansas City, KS, USA (no location determined yet)
  • August 2-8, The International, Seattle, WA, USA
  • August 5-9, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany
  • August 13-16, San Francisco, CA, USA (no official venue)
  • August 20-23, Portland, OR, USA (no official venue)
  • August 28-31, PAX Prime, Seattle, WA, USA
  • September 4-9, IFA, Berlin, Germany
  • October 28-November 1, Paris Games Week, Paris, France

As the company is aggressively promoting the headset, which competes with the Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus, HTC said that they are committed to bringing the first consumer headsets to the market by end of the year.

“We are targeting mid-October [for unveiling], but have not yet finalized the event details, venue, etc.,” HTC’s marketing executive director Jeffrey Gattis told Tech Radar.

“Our hardware development, for the consumer versions of both the HMD and wireless controllers, remain on schedule for the end of 2015,” the HTC exec promised.