HTC Vive specs and price news: HTC Vive wins the coveted 'Product of the Year' award


HTC Vive took home the coveted “Product of the Year” Award from London-based Trusted Reviews Awards. The HTC Vive was considered as one of the best gadget in the world so far. It is the only gadget that launched the newest wave of virtual reality (VR) that has attracted both young and matured audiences alike. This device faces strong competition from the PlayStation VR.

The award is just another feather in the cap of HTC Vive. Other HTC devices took home some categorical awards like the “Gadget of the Year” and a “Wearable Award” for its T3 smartphone. Meanwhile, Sky Q won the Home Entertainment Product of the Year. The South Korean tech giant Samsung obviously brought home the “Phone of the Year” award for the phenomenal Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung was able to beat One Plus 3 and iPhone 7 Plus in the said category of Trust Reviews Awards. 

Currently, HTC Vive is still working to improve its VR headsets. Google Earth VR is exclusively made to function only for HTC Vive users. The good news is  it may come available for other VR headsets in the future. HTC Vive may have already secured the future of Google Earth VR in its headsets, but may face tougher competition in the future.

In terms of pricing, Oculus Rift appears to be cost friendlier while HTC Vive is more regally priced. The final shipping cost of Oculus Rift hovers at $600 per unit. HTC Vive command a price tag of $799, and it does not include the PC set up. Rumors from reliable sources further confirmed that a lot of space is required to engage in VR when using HTC Vive. If HTC Vive will be used around the house, most of the furniture must be moved.