HTC Vive news: VR sells 15,000 units in 10 minutes; HTC warns public of potential danger in using VR devices


Selling at least 1,000 units per minute during the pre-selling period is quite impressive, more so when the device being sold is new to the market. This is what HTC Vive did when pre-order was launched earlier this week.

HTC VR employee Shen Ye tweeted “Woah, more than 15k units in less than 10min :o.”

Tech Crunch calculated the possible earnings of the Chinese tech company which will be around $12M in the first 10 minutes of the Vive being available online. The head mounted VR device is currently selling at $799 which also includes two controllers and two base stations that complement the device. On top of that, one must also own a computer with specific features to be able to be paired with the Vive.

However, the list of necessities to be able to properly use the VR head set does not end with the hardware and other gadgets. A report by Ars Technica revealed that users should also be cautious in terms of potential hazards of virtual reality. While the Samsung GR came in with a mandatory warning booklet, Vive is reportedly going further with a more detailed emphasis of the dangers one can face by using a VR device the wrong way.

Excerpts from the pamphlet read:

“Content viewed using the product can be intense, immersive, and appear very life-like and may cause your brain and body to react accordingly. Certain types of content (e.g. violent, scary, emotional, or adrenaline-based content) could trigger increased heart rate, spikes in blood pressure, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, fainting, and other adverse effects.”

Aside from health warnings, HTC also delved in everyday hazards like “tangling of a cable in a manner that presents a tripping hazard, pets entering the area where the product is being used, and the user walking too close to a wall or other hazards.”