HTC Vive news: Company to focus on VR development via independent company


Just last week, HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang announced that the much anticipated HTC Vive will be available for pre-order on Feb. 29 and shipping will start by April. Now, new reports said that Wang and HTC are looking ahead in the virtual reality world by planning a spin-off to the HTC VR gadget and establishing an independent company.

The tip came from a Taiwanese publication and was reported by various media outlets earlier this week. The plans to establish another company suggest that Vive could be a standalone entity focusing on the development of virtual reality products and owned by HTC.

During Wang’s statement last week, she already hinted on the rerouting of HTC’s direction, leaning more on the virtual reality market than developing smartphones and other mobile devices. She further explained that this decision was brought by the current stiff competition from Apple, Xiaomi, and other Chinese companies that spend a lot of investments on communications and marketing strategies.

The HTC Vive is set to compete with other similar devices like the Oculus Rift, which despite some pricing misunderstandings, sold out in a short amount of time after its pre-selling started. However, with speculations that the Vive will cost as much as $1,500, it may have difficulty competing with the Rift as its $600 price already received some backlash.

Still, HTC’s stock is reportedly steadily climbing in terms of stock cost, jumping four points already at the Taiwan Stock Exchange. This is backed up by high expectations that the Vive will do well once it fully hits the shelves.

To amplify the hype, HTC Vive also teased what is yet to come in terms of content via a tweet. It said, “Now that we’ve unveiled the Vive Pre at CES, who is excited to see what Valve is unveiling at their content showcase?”