HTC One M8 Sense 7 UI update to roll out same time as Android M


It seems that users of the HTC One M8 will have to wait a little longer to get their fix on the HTC’s new Sense 7 UI, as the update for last year’s flagship device will happen later than what was previously announced.

According to a report by Phone Arena, the Sense 7 UI update for the HTC One M8 would be coming the same time as the Android M update. This was revealed by HTC’s Mo Versi via his official Twitter account. Answering a user question about the Sense 7 UI update, he said: “Will be tied to the M release. Thanks.”

This means that the Sense 7 UI for the HTC One M8 won’t be coming to the device until later this year at the earliest, or much more likely early next year, as it is not yet clear if HTC would immediately roll-out Android M updates for their smartphones immediately after the new software was launched publicly.

Since the previous flagship device has not yet received its Android Lollipop 5.1 update, will it skip the update altogether and jump directly to an Android M update?

Way back in April, it was reported that the HTC One M8 would be getting an Android Lollipop 5.1 update as well as the Sense 7 UI on August 2015. HTC UK Tweeted the information, but as it turns out, the plan to roll out an update for the One M8 is still nowhere to be seen.

The previous update to Android Lollipop of the One M8, and the Google Play editions of One M8 and One M7 also experienced a number of delays and unmet deadlines, after finally getting their fix in an update.