HTC One M10 rumors: New official video teases fans


While other major players in the smartphone industry are releasing new models left and right, Taiwan-based tech company HTC is secretly trying to perfect their next release, the HTC One M10.

Fans are eagerly waiting to hear some news about the HTC One M10, and much to their delight a new teaser has been uploaded in YouTube. The official teaser video definitely provides a positive message to tech freaks, especially the HTC fanatics, that the company is serious about bringing a better product in the near future. 

Although the video does not really mean that the company is ready to release the new model of its flagship smartphone, it gives fans some sort of relief from their thirst of information that involves HTC.

In the video, the narrator mentions that HTC is working hard in their secret location to make sure that their next big release will be perfect.

“We’re still finding ways to make your phone even better,” the voice-over says. “We admit it, we’re obsessed, but in a good way.” 

This new video should increase the excitement leading to the new smartphone’s official release.

Meanwhile, it is reported that HTC will put in a 5.2-inch screen that is Quad HD-capable. The device is also expected to have impressive specs under the hood, which include a Snapdragon processor. Other features include chamfered edges and a fingerprint scanner. It is said to give fans three storage options; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Although there has been no other announcement from HTC apart from the official video, it is only a matter of time before the company provides an official statement.