HTC Nexus specs rumors: Sailfish leak reveals Snapdragon 820 processor, 1080p display


Everyone already knows that this year’s Google Nexus lineup of smartphones will be built by Taiwanese brand HTC, and that the two variants are codenamed Sailfish and Marlin. There also are tons of rumors about the prospective specs and features of each phone. So is there something else that everyone isn’t aware of at this point?

Majority of the leaks so far came from reputable leaker Evan Blass, who just yesterday handed out crucial information about one of the handsets, the Sailfish. He tweeted a screenshot of a supposed “build.prop” file for the smaller variant of the upcoming HTC Nexus.

For starters, this file, according to GSM Arena, contains configuration values as well as several internal settings. Based on the information this file reveals, the hardware platform is reportedly identified, which in this case is the Sailfish. See the tweet below:

The same report claims that the texts “ARM-64-V8a” and “msm8996” refer to the device’s processor, which literally points to the Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm. While it makes perfect sense to speculate that the processor is a perfect fit for the Sailfish, it’s also more likely that the bigger Marlin phone will be using the overclocked Snapdragon 821.

Furthermore, the leaked file also discloses that that upcoming smartphone’s pixel density is listed at 420 ppi. With that figure in mind and the potential of a screen that’s at least 5.2 inches in size, it only means one thing: the resolution for the upcoming phone is full high-definition.

Aside from the display resolution and processor, the last thing the file revealed is that the phone will have a fingerprint scanner.

Although all three revelations are mere support for the rumors that were already known previously, it still doesn’t change the prospect that HTC might be on the road to introducing a very capable device for Google’s Nexus lineup.