HTC Hima Aero release date, specs: New smartphone out November, may be followed by phablet


Rumors are circulating that HTC will be releasing not only a smartphone but also a phablet, both of which will be called the “Hima Aero.”

According to the Latinos Post, the smartphone is most likely to be released in November.

Evan Blass, a well-known leaker of tech details on social media, reported that the HTC Hima Aero will be carried by both Sprint and AT&T after it is released.

There are no confirmed specifications for the upcoming new smartphone from HTC, but GSM Arena had speculated earlier that the Hima Aero will have a Quad HD display, capable of a resolution of 1440×2560. However, the website noted that the size of the device is still unknown.

Breathecast also said that rumors point to the Hima Aero being fitted with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4 protection. It will also reportedly have a rear camera that has a large aperture of f/1.9. The Hima Aero’s software is also allegedly capable of supporting photography using the resource-heavy RAW format that is favored by many photographers.

On the other hand, Phone Arena said that HTC will also be developing a phablet  version of the Hima Aero. This isn’t surprising, the website noted, because HTC had the practice of releasing different variants of its flagship devices. This is similar to how Apple releases different versions of its iPhone device every year.

The phablet, Phone Arena reported, will allegedly carry new features and a “unique hardware design.”

The Latinos Post pointed out speculations that the HTC Hima Aero will actually be the “improved Hero” smartphone that HTC chief executive officer Cher Wang told investors about in June. The phone is supposed to be HTC’s attempt for recovery after the HTC One M9’s poor market performance. Wang had promised then of a revamped design scheme for this upcoming device.

However, the Hero phone will be released in October, Breathecast said, while the Hima Aero is supposed to be released on November.