'How to Get Away with Murder' season 3 spoilers, air date: Keating 5 try to move on with their lives


Star Brett Butler will be making her debut in the highly anticipated season 3 of ABC’s thriller drama “How to Get Away with Murder.”

According to TV Line, the actress’ role in the series is being kept under wraps but she will be a prominent figure in the narrative. There are speculations that she will be someone from the university as Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) reputation in the educational institution is under fire.

Series creator Peter Nowalk shared to the news outlet that, “She needs to get her s*** together and go back and refocus on what her original passions were. That also means trying to get [the Keating 5] to care about school again. There’s a real feeling of, ‘Let’s get back to normal and move on.’ And we’ll see if that’s possible.”

The network also unveiled promotional photos for the premiere episode titled “We’re Good People Now.” One of the images features Wes (Alfred Enoch) as he reads through a paper presumably containing vital information about his father Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin).

Interestingly, another picture showcases Connor (Jack Falahee) sporting longer hair. He will still be with Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and the two of them will work together for the lawyer. In an interview, Ricamora confirmed that he has been promoted to a series regular. “There was a real outpouring of love and concern for Oliver, and a fear that he might be killed off,” he stated.

Moreover, the synopsis reveals that the Keating 5 will attempt to move on with their lives after experiencing horrendous events. Meanwhile, Annalise will create a criminal law clinic after realizing that Mahoney’s murder is still unsolved and Frank (Charlie Weber) is nowhere to be found.

Season 3 of “How to Get Away with Murder” premieres on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 10 p.m. ET. It will be followed by episode 2 dubbed “There Are Worse Things Than Murder” on Sept. 29.