'How to Get Away With Murder' season 3 plot, release date news: Is Wes the father of Laurel's baby?


The second half of the mega-hit TV series “How to Get Away With Murder” season 3 will resume in early 2017 and the coming episodes will be dealing and possibly explaining all the events that transpired in the much-talked about episode 9 of the mega-hit TV show.

After the hype that was built up around the mystery of which main character was “under the sheet,” the ninth episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” season 3 was met with powerful mixed reactions from the fans and its loyal viewers. These equally-volatile positive and negative reactions came after the revelation that it was actually Wes (Alfred Enoch) who had died.

According to reports, the next episodes of the season will deal with the aftermath of his demise, especially Annalise (Viola Davis) who is sure to suffer a lot with the loss of her surrogate son. There are even speculations that Annalise will be in her best form in season 3 episode 10 as she embarks on a quest to find out what really happened to him and catch the one who murdered him.

When asked what he thought happened to Wes and who could have killed him if he was murdered, Alfred Enoch told Variety, “I do not think he killed himself That had not even crossed my mind. I guess he’s got a lot of problems in his life and people who present a threat to him potentially Frank, potentially Charles Mahoney.”

Particular interest has also been growing regarding the identity of the father of Laurel’s (Karla Souza) baby. As reported by N4BB, speculations have led to the conclusion that Wes could be the father of her baby. More than that, the baby might not even survive at all since Laurel is one of the casualties during the fire in Annalise’s home.

Season 3 episode 10 of “How to Get Away With Murder” is set to air on Jan. 19, 2017, at 10 p.m. on ABC.