'How to Get Away with Murder' season 3 spoilers: new mystery


The ABC popular drama television series, “How to Get Away with Murder” returns for a third season next month, and the show’s creator, Peter Nowalk, along with lead actress Viola Davis have excitedly announced that a new mystery will be revealed in the upcoming season.

E! News first reported about the new mystery, providing that it could very well change the entire complexion of the series’ plot. Davis, who portrays the lead character Annalise Keating, admitted that it could “cost everyone something.”

But it was Nowalk who offered a more decent clue as to what fans could expect in the upcoming season. He said that the mystery is brought upon by the death of a character in the previous season. And the good news is unlike other shows, fans of “How to Get Away with Murder” won’t have to wait so long to figure out what the mystery is since the new season is already premiering next month.

Meanwhile, Annalise will once again showcase in the new season how cold-blooded she can be as she continues to pretend that everything’s alright, even after all the events that happened in season 2. There will surely be moments where she’ll get haunted by the things she did or knew about and it could very well define her fate in the season.

Regardless of the new twists and stories in the upcoming season, still the most anticipated revelation is the identity of Wallace Mahoney’s (Adam Arkin) killer, including the motive for his murder. Does it really have to do something with Frank’s (Charlie Weber) disappearance? Or will Frank ever comeback?

ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” returns for an all-new season on Sept. 22.