'How to Get Away with Murder' season 2B updates, spoilers: Mid-season finale leaves questions, impending comeback this February to unravel mysteries


The winter finale for the second season of “How to Get Away With Murder” was shown on Nov. 19, and it steered fans and televiewers alike into a spin of revelations in one of the darkest plots of its run. 

As the first half of season 2 continued to revolve around the Hapstall case ? a murder predicament involving adoptive kids being the prime suspects in killing their well-off parents ? more and more make-believe crime scenes escalated. The series of events further intensified the hit murder TV drama. 

It was revealed during the mid-season denouement that Wes (Aldred Enoch), one of Keating 5’s contenders, shot Annalise (Viola Davis) for a fake crime scene to be plausible. Asher (Matt McGorry) also had his fair share of faking felonies to cover up for his “hit-and-run” incident with prosecutor Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns).

Alongside disclosures, questions such as, “Who is Christophe?” and “Will Nate tell on Annalise?” remain unanswered. When asked about Nate (Billy Brown), Peter Nowalk, creater and executive producer of the ABC drama series, told The Hollywood Reporter that the character is officially involved in the murder situation.

“He is definitely part of the murder crew, especially now that he knows they killed Sam (Tom Verica),” he declared.

Despite the heavy drama and consuming plot twists, the creators of the famous American legal series said that the second half of the season will not be as intense as its first half.

According to Nowalk in an interview with Business Insider, “The show is always going to be intense and dark, but I’m craving a balance of fun, too.”

Six episodes still await fans, and a lot of balancing is yet to come. The remaining episodes are meant to be an equalizer and will emphasize mostly on the characters featuring a lighter side of the story.

Left in the middle of a hiatus, supporters of the thriller show will be getting answers on Feb. 11 on ABC.