How to Get Away with Murder season 2 spoilers: Viola Davis thinks it would be 'very exciting' if Annalise and Frank have an affair


Season 1 ended super explosively with Rebecca Sutter’s death and the revelation of Frank’s hand in Lila’s death. Sam and Lila issues produced a frictional dynamic between Frank and Annalise. One would think that they would just be enemies by now but the hatred can be transformed into a romantic angle, or that’s what swirling rumors seem to suggest according to Christian Today.

The murder of Lila under Frank’s hands signals a whole layer of undiscovered motivations. It may have been done to save Annalise or just to get even with Tom. The second season serves to shed light on this and the very strong fan theories about a possible love affair between Frank and Annalise. Adding support to the fact are teases from the show’s stars on Twitter that the ride between Annalise and Wes is going to be a very bumpy one as reported by the International Business Times of India. The table read conducted last July 14 was successful and even cast members were reportedly stunned with what they read on their script.

Viola Davis, who plays Annalise, finds the idea of an Annalise-Frank affair quite enthralling. “I never thought of that! That’s very exciting. When you explore the kind of unusual relationship – like with Bonnie and Annalise – those create the best OMG moments, especially when you think that a relationship may be going in another direction.” Davis was recently nominated for an Emmy in the lead actress category and has been receiving a lot of congratulatory tweets from the fans and co-stars.

Given Shondaland’s track record for making unlikely alliances happen, this is very possible to unfold in the plot as it thickens for season 2. She has done so in Grey’s Anatomy and her more recent series Scandal.