How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 spoilers: confirmed new characters include one that features 'prominently' in Annalise's life


It had been an exciting season for fans of the series How to Get Away With Murder, and they have many things to look forward to in the show’s sophomore run.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series’ creator Peter Nowalk together with cast members Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Karla Souza, Charlie Weber, Billy Brown, Marcia Gay Harden and Tom Verica, answered questions during a Television Academy panel regarding possible content of the upcoming season season.

They were joined by the show’s executive producer Betsy Beers, and producing director Bill D’Elia.

According to Nowalk, there will be new characters added for Season 2 but declined to give any details. The creator simply teased that there will be a new character that “figures prominently in Annalise’s life.”

However, he also added that the core group of students that made up the main cast “wouldn’t be moving on quite yet.”

“Annalise has had a lot of students before work for her. None of them killed her husband,” Nowalk explained. “So these people are bonded in ways that past students have not been.”

The series creator also added that the HIV-positive scenario between the gay characters Connor Walsh and Oliver will be one of the main plot points in the second season. Nowalk explained that the two characters have a “huge fan base” and are important to the series.

Oliver had tested positive during the season finale of the TV show.

Conrad Ricamora, who plays Oliver and was absent during the panel, noted in an interview with HIV Plus that fans were “heartbroken” with the HIV-positive bomb during the finale.

“People have demanded it be rewritten,” the actor noted during the interview.

Nowalk also said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in February that Oliver’s HIV-positive diagnosis will force Connor to change how he looks at their relationship.

“Just watching [Oliver] feel that distraught and scared at the end with the news that he’s positive, Connor needs to figure out what his role is in the relationship now,” the series creator told EW in the interview.