'House of Cards' season 5 spoilers: Joel Kinnaman teases drama


Slated to come back to reprise his role as Will Conway, Joel Kinnaman teases that hell will break loose when the political thriller “House of Cards” returns for its fifth season.

Taking it to his social media account, the actor posted the script for episode 3 of the forthcoming installment of the series. Written by John Mankiewicz and helmed by director Alik Sakharov, Kinnaman captioned the photo, “Sh*t is about to go down…”

Going by the 36-year-old’s tease, it appears that Frank is in a more serious situation than what was originally presumed. For that past four seasons of “House of Cards,” the current TV POTUS has been getting away unscathed with a lot of things including a few murders. But while it is fun rooting for the protagonist of the series despite him being callous, critics have been pointing out the lack of a formidable foe who is willing to go up against him.

Earlier this year, Kinnaman went more in-depth about his character when he debuted in the previous season of the Netflix hit series. Sitting down with The Wall Street Journal, the Swedish-American actor notes the similarities between Will and Frank.

“It was an opponent he hadn’t faced before,” he explained. “Someone who was formidable, but a different kind of threat. But in many ways, I think they’re two sides of the same coin. They have a real ruthlessness to them. You get the feeling that they will do anything to get the power they are after,” Kinnaman added.

Aside from the charming and ambitious Will locking heads with Frank, there were also rumors about his wife, Claire, played by Robyn Wright eventually turning the table on him. Given that the couple has been suffering marital woes for quite some time, it can be quite an interesting plot point to see the Underwoods engaged in a battle of wits and wills. This is further backed up by season 4’s finale where it was somehow teased that she, too, will be breaking the fourth wall when “House of Cards” returns.

No official premiere date has been set for “House of Cards” season 5, but fans can expect it to be available on Netflix around March of next year.