'House of Cards' season 5 spoilers: Doug Stamper could betray Frank Underwood in new season


Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) could slowly lose power over his people as his most trusted aide Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) may finally turn the tables on him in the fifth season of “House of Cards.”

Frank has never been as vulnerable as he currently is, especially after barely surviving the assassination plot against him. Given the plethora of people around him that either openly or secretly loathe him, the President may already be looking at a more dangerous situation as he unconsciously continues to operate using his menacing ways.

Next in line speculated to turn his back on Frank is his unwaveringly loyal chief of staff, Doug. Up until last season, the president’s closest confidante did everything for him. He has time and time again proven his commitment to Frank and even went as far as killing another man for him so that he could get a liver transplant. However, things got little bit more complicated as became drawn to the man’s widowed wife, Laura (Wendy Moniz). By the end of season 4, the development of Doug and Laura’s relationship was already hinted to be as if going up on a steep slope. Given the former addiction and emotional instability, the latter’s presence may distract him from performing his duties for Frank.

Kelly has actually acknowledged how his character’s fascination over Laura is crazy.

“At its core, it’s addiction, you know?… [His relationship with Laura] came out of him donating to the site and looking at these pictures and thinking, “Wow, she’s pretty. Huh.” And he keeps looking and looking and looking and it gets weirder and weirder and weirder! It’s so twisted,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Aside from Doug, Claire (Robin Wright) still remains to be the most dangerous person for Frank right now. Not only does she have the capability to turn things around for her benefit, she is also equally conniving as her husband.

No specific roll out date for “House of Cards” season 5, but fans can expect it to be available to stream on Netflix by March 2017.