'House of Cards' season 5 rumors, news: internal strife could end the series


Season 5 of the Netflix popular series, “House of Cards” is rapidly turning into a fiasco, no thanks to a couple of rumored issues that are currently plaguing the entire production, including that of the prospect of Kevin Spacey no longer returning as lead character Frank Underwood and the speculation that the showrunners aren’t on the same page as the streaming service in terms of the direction the show is intended to go.

Netflix, Spacey, or even the showrunners are still mum about the issues being thrown at them by the very fans of the series. However, the online entertainment company did reveal earlier that the series will be handing out more exciting scenes the rest of the way.

According to the show’s producer, Dana Brunetti, there is no way of telling if Underwood will still be a part of the series should Netflix and the entire team behind it decide to give it a chance. The only thing he’s sure of is the fact that there will be huge changes coming into the new season since Netflix opted to go the “network television” direction.

The reason why this series has been quite a hit even with the extraordinary showcase of indecency and lewdness is because of Spacey’s character, so it could very well spell its doom if the veteran actor will officially make his exit. It could go on, but it never will be the same.

In “House of Cards,” Underwood is somewhat liked and praised for his uncanny ability to manipulate people and do everything to be at an advantage, even if those things are very awful ones.

While the series may no longer feature Spacey should the fifth season be given a go next year, the sure thing is Netflix still will be running it, or at least that is what fans are made to believe for the moment.