'House of Cards' season 5 release date: Next installment might be the show's last; speculated to drop sometime in March 2017


Netflix’s heavy hitter “House of Cards” has just opened its fourth season but rumors of when the next installment will drop has already started going around the web.

The show which is top billed by award winning actor Kevin Spacey as the ruthless President of the United States, Frank Underwood, will return to the streaming site after the ongoing season with brand new showrunners  Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson as Beau Willimon leaves his post in the show.

Although Willimon cites exploring other options outside of the political thriller as his reason for stepping down, Netflix Life speculates that there may be more to it than it is being let on which includes that season 5 may be the final chapter of the story.

Story-wise, the article also cites that it may just be logical to end next season and while the specific plot point has not been revealed just yet, it may have to do with the path that Underwood and the other players in his life are going to. As previously reported, rumors of the show ending in season 4 were circulating online just before Netflix announced that they ordered another serving of Frank Underwood.

Netflix booking another one of their groundbreaking dramas in “Orange is the New Black” for four more seasons can also be in preparation to let go of the their most watched series online.

Meanwhile, Romper reveals that when the media outlet reached out to Netflix regarding when “House of Cards” season 5 will premiere, the popular streaming service provider simply had no comment about it yet. But if patterns are to be based on, the series will not be due until middle of March 2017.

Some of the early speculations about the next season include Claire (Robin Wright) finally breaking the fourth wall like her husband, who is known to talk to the audience of the show with his bone chillingly cold voice.