'House of Cards' season 5 news: Kevin Spacey assures fans thriller will continue with good stories


“House of Cards” producer and lead star Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) cleared the speculations about why former showrunner Beau Willimon left the political thriller.

“Beau was very tired,” Spacey said while being part of the show’s panel during Netflix’s two-day festival held in Paris, France. “He’s been working nonstop since we began. He’s a remarkable man; we’ve had an incredible experience and without question, I’ll miss him being there every day.”

It can be remembered that earlier this year and before season 4 of the show was made available in the streaming platform, Willimon announced that it will be his last season in “House of Cards.” Despite that, Netfix still ordered another serving of the series which prompted the show to promote two of its mainstay writers, Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson, to showrunners.

“The writer’s room is the same writers that we had in season 4 – nothing is changed in terms of the quality of the work that we’re going to be doing and we’ve now been working towards,” Spacey continued.

Fortunately, it looks like much has already been decided on where the story of the show will go moving forward as the Golden Globe actor spilled that even before Willimon’s exit has been made public, the two of them already discussed how to further develop the show suggesting that Willimon’s departure was nothing but amicable.

“Beau and I began these conversations, as we did every year, sort of about midway through the shooting of the previous seasons. So, much has been discussed, much has already been put on the table, lots of interesting ideas… we’re excited now that the writing process is happening.”

This is contrary to reports that the 38-year-old producer has been having some conflicts with Netflix causing the streaming giant to remove and replace Willimon.

Meanwhile, there is no official comeback date for “House of Cards” season 5, but it is rumored to be sometime around March next year, much like its previous season. Plot-wise, it can be assumed that a square-off between the Underwoods is in the pipeline of the show especially with Claire (Robin Wright) slowly putting her pieces in place to assume power from Frank, while he is on his hospital bed. Another interesting side story will be that of the budding relationship between Doug (Michael Kelly) and Laura (Wendy Moniz) which was hinted to blossom further next season.