'House of Cards' season 4 news, spoilers: Neve Campbell on playing Leann Harvey; Kevin Spacey on U.S. politics


Actress Neve Campbell, who is popularly known for starring in the “Scream” series of films, says that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), the fictional U.S. president in Netflix’s political drama series “House of Cards,” is scarier than Ghostface, the serial killer who hounded her “Scream” character, Sidney Prescott.

“With Ghostface, at least you know what the rules are [like] don’t go up the stairs, run out of the house, all that stuff,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. “But [with] Frank Underwood, you just can never tell where he’s coming from.”

Campbell is joining the cast of the upcoming fourth season of “House of Cards” as Leann Harvey, a tenacious campaign adviser hired by Frank’s wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), to help with her congressional bid. Though Harvey is new to the Underwoods’ world, Campbell said that the character isn’t afraid to go head-to-head with the morally corrupt Frank. And she’s intent on making it to the top of the Washington, D.C. political ladder.

“She’s very good at finding ways of making [what she wants to happen] happen, which is fun to play,” the actress shared. “She’ll do whatever it takes to move up.”

Speaking of Washington, D.C., Spacey, who has connections in the nation’s capital, recently revealed that he would not consider running for office, as the frustrating political gridlock which angers so many Americans would probably, he teased, make him start acting like his “House of Cards” character.

Though Spacey has many friends in the political arena and even worked for the Jimmy Carter and John Anderson campaigns in the ’70s and in the ’80s,  the “House of Cards” actor/producer told the Los Angeles Times, “The reason I wouldn’t think of running is because I like to get things done.”

According to Spacey, he likes to set goals, and he likes to achieve them. The U.S. political situation, as it now exists, would surely frustrate him. “I might take on tactics of a Frank Underwood,” he said.

“House of Cards” drops its fourth season on Friday, March 4, on Netflix.