'House of Cards' season 4 spoilers, plot news: Neve Campbell on Leann Harvey; Nathan Darrow on Meechum's death


Netflix’s award-winning political drama series “House of Cards” returned with its much-anticipated fourth season on Friday, March 4.

The new season picked up right where season 3 left off, with fictional US president Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) on the presidential campaign trail, and his wife, Claire (Robin Wright), in Texas trying to forge a political path for herself after separating from him.

To help with her congressional bid, Claire has hired the “ambitious” and “calculating” Leann Harvey, played by “Scream” alum Neve Campbell. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Campbell talked about what Leann, the female equivalent of Frank’s aide Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), wants from the Underwoods.

According to the actress, Leann has “been very successful in her own right already, but when she’s looking to the White House, I’m not exactly sure where she’s going.” “But getting in bed with [Frank and Claire] is certainly not a bad thing.”

“Not in bed like Meechum did,” Campbell said with a laugh.

Speaking of Meechum, viewers who have made it to the fourth episode in season 4 now know that Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow), the Underwoods’ bodyguard and a member of the U.S. Capitol Police, has met his end. The original cast member, a deeply devoted Underwood supporter, performed a final heroic act in episode 4 before breathing his last. Meechum, who was shot and killed by Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus), was able to kill Goodwin before he died.

Apart from being a stalwarth protector of the Underwoods, Meechum is also known for having participated in a controversial menage a trois with Frank and Claire in season 2.

“I hope what comes across [in these episodes] is that Meechum’s devotion to Frank, and also to Claire, was what was singularly driving him,” Darrow said about the current season’s first four episodes, in which Meechum plays a prominent role.

On whether or not he thinks the loyal bodyguard continued to be intimate with the Underwoods after their season 2 threesome, the actor told TVLine, “I think Meechum just wanted to be of deep service to both Frank and Claire, and it didn’t matter what form that took.”

The complete fourth season of “House of Cards” is now available on Netflix.